Pharmacy Tech.

Hennepin County Medical Center

Job Description

1. Enters outpatient prescriptions and files them.
2. Packages and hands out filled prescriptions.
3. Prepackages and labels drugs.
4. May prepare narcotics for nursing station and files receipt.
5. May compile daily prescription charges.
6. Operates cash register and adding machine.
7. Fills unit dose drug orders for nursing stations.
8. Performs related duties as required.
9. With the use of an automated medication dispensing system printout, fills each Omnicell with a 24-
hour supply of medications.
10. Fills patient medication First Dose bag with the correct medication from computer labels prior to
each hourly run.
11. Fills and delivers narcotic orders to nursing units and ancillary departments according to policy
and procedure.
12. Delivers checked medications to the nursing units. Refills automated medication dispensing
system Omnicell to prescribed par levels. Reports unusual occurrences to the pharmacists.
13. Restocks nursing units, operating room, recovery room, stab room and ancillary departments with
a limited supply of floor stock medications and supplies.
14. Maintains and restocks individual filling stations and work areas, while contributing to the
maintenance of a fixed, minimal level of pharmacy inventory.
15. Prepackages and labels medications into unit doses from bulk supply.


Minimum Education/Work
Graduation from high school
One year of health care experience in positions such as Nursing
Assistant or Laboratory Assistant
Graduation from a Pharmacy Technician training program
Eligible for current Registration with the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy
An approved equivalent combination of education and experience.
NCCA Pharmacy Technician Board Certification
Six to 12 months of pharmacy experience preferred

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