Medical Assistant .80 (Specialty Services Clinic)

Hennepin County Medical Center

Job Description

Perform assigned clinical tasks under the direction of a physician or other providers including:
--Administer medications, injections, and immunizations, spirometry, tympanometry, apply minor dressings and splints, connect patients to portable monitors e.g. pulse oximetry, nebulization, glucose monitoring, and urethral catheterization.
-- Set up for and provide direct assistance to physicians and other licensed care providers with
medical examinations and procedures including: colposcopy, flex sigmoidoscopy, minor surgery.
-- Perform specimen collection including: blood draws, sputum samples and urine samples.
-- Perform hearing and vision screens and developmental testing.
-- Obtain patient information and medical history including: current medications, allergies, chief
complaint, immunization schedule..
-- Perform basic patient care activities including: place patients in rooms, take and chart vital signs.
-- Under the direction of a physician or other providers, provide patient education from standardized teaching plans. Teach crutch walking.
--Perform clerical duties involved in registering and scheduling patients, transcribing orders,
maintaining telephone communication, and maintaining specific unit records.
-- Clean equipment and rooms.
-- Procure and stock equipment and supplies and ensure that equipment is operable through quality assurance checks.
-- Attends mandatory department or unit meetings, in-services and appropriate work related
education programs.
-- Conducts point of care tests as assigned and instructed.
-- Develops and maintains a positive working relationship with patient and family, team members, department and medical center personnel.
-- Supports clinic and medical center compliance with JCAHO standards, customer service and other initiatives.
-- Uses resources appropriately.
-- Performs various technical nursing procedures according to protocol including: to include;
maintaining oxygen equipment, performing oral or nasopharyngeal suctioning, routine incision care
-- Performs clerical duties in EHR; answers phones and transfers calls appropriately.
--Performs other duties as assigned.

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