Emergency Medical Technician - Ambulance

Sanford Health of Northern Minnesota

Job Description

Responds to an emergency call, assesses the situation, diagnoses and treats patients for emergency needs; reports patient information to medical staff in a timely and accurate manner. Obtains a basic medical history and physical examination of the patient, and assesses the situation's urgency and seriousness. Provides emergency care at the scene and during transit to the hospital. Utilizes necessary medical equipment to treat the patient and ascertains the extent of their injuries or illness. Communicates with the medical care facility about the patient's condition, status and time of arrival.


Full-time, 80 hours every two weeks.

Up to 24 hour shifts.


Must maintain EMT certification and Drivers license. Completion of EMT-B certification. Must have knowledge of EMT principles, practices and techniques, knowledge of equipment and how to troubleshoot problems that may arise. Requires Basic Life Support Certification.